NEOSET is an independant Virtual Studios Operator & Virtual Production specialist.

NEOSET is an associate member of the AFC (French equivalent to the ASC).

We’re based in Paris, France, but we’ve been working internationally. We can work with any studio already equipped with LED walls – or we can build the LED wall(s) you need in the studio you need.

We help to define the best possible technical solution, in the best studio for your needs: an independant French auteur movie like En Roue Libre do not have the same needs than an international show for HBO like Olivier Assayas’ Irma Vep or an action comedy like Louis Leterrier’s The Takedown for Netflix.

We are also the leader in the shooting of cinema-quality 360° car plates that we shoot and display with a solution we designed. This XR system is field-proven and Netflix & HBO – approved.

Contact us and request our latest demo reel: we make tailor-made solutions. / +33 6 41 02 58 59

Our experience in the field trace back to the « Virtual Reality Chambers » (VR without a helmet!) we made for the French Atomic Energy Agency (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique), and 20+ years in the filmmaking industry; but here is a non-exhaustive list of the productions we’ve been working on since NEOSET creation in 2020:

Cinema & streaming platforms
2021: Louis Leterrier’s The Takedown (Loin du Périph’) . DoP: double César-winner (French Academy Awards) Thomas Hardmeier, AFC. Starring César-winner Omar Sy, Laurent Lafitte. Production: Mandarin for Netflix.
2021: Mon Héroïne, directed by Noémie Lefort. DoP: Nathalie Durand, AFC. Starring: Chloé Jouannet, Pascale Arbillot, Brigitte Fossey. Production: Octopolis / Universal.
2021: I Love America, directed by Lisa Azuelos (plate post-production only). Starring: César-winner Sophie Marceau. Production: Amazon Prime.
2021: En Roue Libre directed by Didier Barcelo. DoP: César-winner Christophe Beaucarne, AFC. Starring Marina Foïs, César-winner Benjamin Voisin. Production: The Film.
2021: Le Visiteur du Futur directed by François Descraques. DoP: Matthieu Misiraca. Starring Florent Dorin, Arnaud Ducret. Production: Pyramide.

TV-series, TV films & streaming platforms shows
2022 Lupin (saison 2, bloc 3), show directed by Podz. DoP: Maxime Cointe. Starring César-winner Omar Sy. Production: Gaumont for Netflix

2021: Irma Vep, show directed by Cannes Film Festival Best Director winner, 5-time Palme d’Or nominee Olivier Assayas. DoP: Yoric Le Saux. Starring: Academy-Award winner Alicia Vikander, Vincent Macaigne, César-winner Vincent Lacoste, Nora Hamzawi…. Production: Les Films Mystérieux pour HBO.
2021: Vortex, show directed par Slimane Baptiste-Berhoun. DoP: Pierre-Yves Bastard, AFC. Starring Tomer Sisley. Production: Quad Drama for France 2.
2021: Les Combattantes, show directed by Alexandre Laurent. Image: Jean-Philippe Gosselin. Starring: Camille Lou. Production: Quad Drama for TF1.
2021: Noël à tous les étages, TV film by Gilles Paquet-Brenner. Image: Pascal Ridao, AFC. Starring Lannick Gautry. Production: Beaubourg Stories for TF1.
2021: Loin de chez moi, TV film by Frédéric Forestier. DoP: Jean-Philippe Gosselin. Starring Marc Lavoine, Lucas Englander. Production: Beaubourg Stories for TF1.
2020-21: Balthazar Saison 4, TV-show directed by Franck Brett. DoP: Etienne Saldes. Starring Tomer Sisley. Production: Beaubourg Stories for TF1 .

Fashion shows & commercials:

2021: Dior Homme – summer 2022. Shooting in Paris, parvis des Invalides. In partnership with dlp Paris.
2021: Gucci – Aria 2021. Shooting: Rome, Cinecittà (Italy). In partnership with dlp Paris.
2021: Flunch. Commercial directed by Franck Brett. In partnership with Uncrop / Les Studios Français.
2021: Undiz. Photo shoot. In partnership with dlp Paris et Uncrop / Les Studios Français.
2020: DS – DS4 Reveal. Design: Thomas Vanz. In partnership with dlp Paris.
2020: Dior Homme – Prefall 2021. Shooting: Paris, Cité du Cinéma. In partnership with dlp Paris.